DEMOCRATIC WORLD Our World Urgently Needs more Democracy Our international system seems well organized. We have the UN, we have the IMF and we have various other interna - tional organisations. That is an illusion. In fact, in many ways international politics is still surprisingly similar to the great power politics of the 19th century. Who has more power gets his way. The United Nations is a case in point. There is the General Assembly where every head of state has an equal voice and an equal vote but there is also the Security Council which is supposed to decide about right or wrong. Matters of war and peace are decided in this small council of 15 members. Contrary to the General Assembly resolutions the Security Council passes are binding. Five of its members are permanent and ten are elected for a period of two years. If you are a powerful country you will manage to get elected more often than others, if you have little power your chances are low. The five permanent members, the United States, China, Russia, Britain and France have veto power which contravenes every democratic process. Don‘t get me wrong, democracies have vetos and they can be a useful tool. But all these de - mocratic vetoes can be overruled somehow. Sometimes they are only valid for a certain time but more often they can be overruled by a strong majority in the parliament of the country in question. This is how it should be, in this case the veto ensures that a controversial policy has strong parliamentary backing. In the UN this is different. If country X puts up a veto, however bad its intentions are, there is no way that the veto can be overridden. Even if the other 14 members of the security council are united in this question. This kills the democratic process and is a main driver of why our international politics are in such a sorry state. Take the recent conflict in Syria. Russia and the United States early on settled for totally different preferred outcomes. If we had a truly democratic pro - cess the two countries would have been forced to explain their policies, to convince others and fight for a majority to get their will. In the current system they just say no and nothing happens. In the case of Syria, the world body was para - lyzed and had no ability to steer the terrible situation towards a resolution. Even worse, the veto prevents a true debate. You do not have to explain a veto and as there is nothing to do against one, why bother? The infamous veto list: Russia/USSR: 114 United States: 81 Unitd Kingdom: 29 France: 16 China: 14 We need a truly democratic system to make our world fulfill its potential. The UN must become a place of debate and not a place of unexplained „NOs“. I am working on a concept to fight for a Democratic World. If you want to join drop me a line . We need a world, that is: - more democratic - more equal - more just To free us from the grip of inaction, so that we can start to shape a better future for all of us. Our planet, and we, deserve better.